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Welcome to Pilgrim Village
Check the official Board site for the most current information:

The following requirements of all Pilgrim Village residents [Check the official Board site for the most up-to-date information]:

  • One share of Pilgrim Village stock purchase is required of all residents. The stock purchase is $250 [recently increased], paid one-time only, and is refundable to you if you move out of Pilgrim Village.

  • Annual dues are $325, due each January. A refund of $25 is given to those who participate in the annual cleanup day. Those over the age of 60 are exempt from the fee.

  • The Board raised the dues at the Nov. annual meeting. Dues will be clarified at the January billing.

Stock purchase and balance of dues for the first year should have been included in the closing costs of your home. If you have not paid these fees, it is important that you do so as soon as possible. Until these are paid, neighbors are not able to take advantage of some of the amenities we offer, nor are they able to cast an official proxy (vote) on Pilgrim Village/Lake Colony by-law amendments or official proposals. Once your share of stock has been purchased, a stock certificate will be sent to your home. If you have any questions on these fees, please contact the PV treasurer.

Finally, there is an annual Pilgrim Village shareholders' meeting the first Sunday in November. All shareholders may attend.


This is a private site created by a homeowner for homeowners in 2012-13; it was the first professional site for the village, does not necessarily have the latest information, has never been connected with the HOA, the official site for which is located at 


The first discussion site was the  facebook group, Pilgrim Village Courier, which has evolved into three locations: for the wider Chagrin Valley community; for Pilgrim Village residents; and which is a permanent reference source.



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