Fishing is allowed in Lake Taylor from boats outside the swimming area and from the designated dock on the west side of the lake. There is absolutely no fishing in the swim area anytime of the year. Fishing is not allowed from private property bordering the lake unless you have permission from the property owner.

Please be careful where you fish, both for the sake of safety and the respect of other people’s property.

A minimum length for bass has been set at 12 inches with a maximum of two per day per person allowed to be taken from the lake. There is no minimum length or limit on pan fish.

Please be careful where you place hooks, rods, and reels so as to assure the safety of others.

CHILDREN UNDER 10 YEARS OF AGE must be accompanied by an individual aged 15 or older when fishing from community property. We ask all parents to make sure that their children are under supervision of a responsible person. This applies to ice fishing also.

ALL GUESTS WHO FISH MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY THEIR HOSTS. Please follow this rule. If a person is not a resident of our village and is not accompanied by a host who is a member, then we will assume he or she is there illegally and will be asked to leave. Please allow us to enforce this rule for the reason it was established and explain to your friends or relatives that you need to be there with them. And remember, local guests are welcome just once per week.


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